As we finally begin to see the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, its now only a matter of weeks until we can (hopefully) start catching up with all of our lovely clients again. So, as we count down the days until we can be reunited, we thought that we would give you something to keep you busy while at home. We have searched the length of the internet to bring our most favourite Summer hair trends 2020 from styles that you can try yourself to makeovers that you can plan ready for when our salon reopens!

Our Favourite Summer Hair Trends 2020

While it’s not safe to jet off abroad just yet, it most definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t perfect your signature summer hairstyles ready for when lockdown reaches an end. Theres no better time to step out of your comfort zone to try something new, and we’ll be honest, 2020 hair trends has got to be one of our favourites for bringing us gorgeous summer vibes. Each of the ideas on our guide ticks off the most important traits for hair perfect for the sunshine – fast, easy and able to stay looking flawless on even the hottest of days. So, whether you are looking forward to a complete post-quarantine style overhaul or eager to try your hand at a super straightforward updo, let’s take a closer look at the trends that we have fallen in love with:

Friends on holiday

The Blunt Bob

From Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale to almost every member of the Kardashian sisterhood, nearly all of our favourite celebs have sported the gorgeous blunt bob. Whether you have always had shorter hair or want to take the plunge and cut your locks, we can absolutely guarantee that there is a style of blunt bob to compliment everyone’s style. Depending on how brave you are feeling, you could either take it a little longer with a shoulder-length style or opt for the chic chin-length – both of which look equally as stylish! For the ultimate statement, you could even consider a dramatic change in colour, taking a leaf out of KKW’s book with her icy platinum blunt bob or go warmer with Emma Stone’s autumnal shades.

And even better, the shorter the hair, the even easier it will be to style, meaning that you most definitely will not be short for inspiration. While many blunt bob wearers stick with a sleek straight look, there is no reason why you can’t incorporate the essence of a beach babe with gentle waves. Although straightener and curling tongs are perfect, we love using a hair waver tool as they are super quick and easy to use, while still creating an effortless curl. You can find more information on how to perfect beach waves on shorter hair over on Cosmopolitan.

Alternatively, if you’re loving the idea of a blunt bob just as much as we do, then why not book in at our women’s hairdressers in Milton Keynes for your transformation after the lockdown?

Blunt Bob

The Side-Swept Bangs

If you have been one of the many to be guilty of cutting your own bangs during the lockdown, then this one’s for you! Thanks to the style queen herself, Bella Hadid, taking advantage of your overgrown fringes by sweeping them to the side has become one of this year’s most popular style go-to’s. It’s a super easy way not only to disguise the fact that a catch up with your hairdresser is way overdue but it also means taming your hair on a warmer day is much more manageable.

For those who are new to side-swept bangs, then we’ve got to admit, it does take a little bit of time to train your hair into place. You might have a few days of feeling as if you are continually pushing your fringe away from your eye line, but if you can’t have a few bad hair days in lockdown, when can you? If you’re finding that it’s taking a little longer, then there is no harm in spritzing a little hairspray onto your fingertips and shaping the bangs into place.

Bella Hadid Hair

The Tousled Waves

No guide to summer hairstyles would be complete without delving deeper into the ultimate beach babe vibe – the tousled waves. Perfect for every hair length and colour, tousled waves give you just the right balance between glam and natural, making it a match for both your daytime and evening look. If you wish to add length to your hair to create long waves, why not consider getting hair extensions in Milton Keynes. There are absolutely tonnes of different ways that you can nail the tousled waves trend, and it all depends on how much time you’re willing to commit, along with whether you are happy to use heat or not.

The quickest way to achieve effortless curls without having to prepare your locks ahead of time will be through using a curling tong. Simply split your hair into sections and begin gently curling small strands starting from the bottom layer and working your way up. When you reach the front of your face, we would always recommend curling away from the face as this will frame your features. Lastly, for a beachy look, run your fingers carefully through your locks to loosen them and create texture.

If you’re trying to steer clear from using heat, then don’t worry, we’ve got your back! There are lots of super easy methods of achieving heatless waves; you’ll just need to be a little more prepared and make sure that you have time to style your locks in the evening before heading to bed. So, if you’re looking for inspiration on where to start, head over to Luxy Hair for nine different methods to try while in the lockdown!

Tousled Curls

The Wispy Updo

Nothing says summer than a cute dress paired with a messy bun and your favourite sunnies, so we couldn’t have been happier to see what the wispy up-do were making a comeback this year! From the catwalks of fashion shows and global awards evenings to your day trips with friends and lounging about the house, any excuse calls for a messy updo. Whether you adore a topknot, half up and half down look or a low bun, there are absolutely millions of ways that you can perfect the messy look – it looks particularly chic when paired with your side-swept bangs! Simply pop your hair into your favourite up-do before carefully pulling out a few strands of loose hair around the face. You could even curl any little hairs that are poking out for an effortless finish.

For those who want to add an extra touch of style to their wispy updo, then why not treat yourself to some gorgeous new hair accessories? Completing your look with some cute accessories has become one of the biggest hair trends across the globe, and you will be spoilt for choice making your purchase. From using a patterned scarf or scrunchie to keep your hair into place to embellished headbands and clips for a sprinkle of glamour, there is an overwhelming amount to choose from. Take a look at ASOS for a vast collection of hair accessories to fit with every style!

Photo Credit: Refinery29

Wispy Updo

The Straight And Glossy

If beach waves are not for you or you find that your curls drop quicker than an hours nap on the sun lounger after spending ages perfecting them, then why not go chic with the super glam straight and glossy look? Beautiful on all hair types, colours and lengths, keeping your hair straight is perfect for any occasion, day to night.

The key to mastering the straight and glossy trend all starts with the hair prep, which means that it is important that you stock up on the right products to keep your locks in healthy condition. There are a whole host of different ways that you can boost the natural shine of your hair, so we thought that we would let you into some of our favourites:

  • When washing your hair, always complete the process by rinsing with cold water as this will trap in all of the moisture, as well as encourage your hair to sit flat.
  • Don’t forget to apply a heat protectant whenever you are using heated tools on your locks as this will create a barrier against damage.
  • Spend some time giving your hair just that little extra TLC with a deep conditioning mask to nourish it from the inside out. If you’re looking for something to keep you occupied in lockdown, why not experiment with making your own using the recipes on Byrdie?
  • Once life returns to normality, make sure that you start getting your hair regularly trimmed again as this is vital in keeping your locks healthy. Feel free to contact our experts in women’s hairdressing in Milton Keynes to get booked in after the lockdown.

Once your hair is in immaculate condition, it will then be easier to perfect the smooth and silky trend. We would always recommend timing this look with your hair wash day as the best results are always when you blow-dry your hair straight. Simply blow-dry the hair using a brush and the nozzle attachment facing down, starting from the root and slowly working your way down. Once your hair is dry, always go over it just one more time with a cooler temperature as this will set the hair in place with an added shine.

Straight and Glossy

Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine

The “Rachel”

Remember back in the ’90s when Friend’s Rachel Green was the biggest style icon of the decade? Well, whether you blame it on the eagerly awaited Friends reunion announcement or our binge-watching during the lockdown, we’re getting real nostalgia with the “Rachel” coming back on our trend radar – and, we LOVE it! The heavy layers paired with hair just below the collarbone is most definitely making a comeback with stars such as Selena Gomez transforming her look to flood back memories of our favourite sitcom.

Now, if you adore the style just as much as we do but aren’t quite committed enough to match the exact “Rachel” look, then there are ways that you can alter the appearance to you. Take Hailey Bieber, for example, who opted for feathering around the face to frame her features with longer layers for a more delicate look. With this take on the look, all you will need to do is grab yourself a large round drying brush when blow-drying your hair to style the layers into place. They will then sit perfectly framing your face for days to come – stylish and easy to maintain, what more could you ask for!

The Rachel

Photo Credit: Elle

Transform Your Look This Summer!

Whether you’re feeling brave and wanting to completely change your look post-lockdown or looking to treat yourself to some cute new accessories, there are so many different ways that you can adopt this year’s summer trends. If you’re unsure on which style is best suited to you, then our experienced team are always on hand, so why not book a slot at our hair salon in Milton Keynes ready for our reopening? Or take a look a look at our current prices and promotions ahead of your visit?

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