After planning the perfect wedding all summer, its now time to decide on the perfect wedding hairstyle. Whether you are boho or chic, have long or short hair or wish to wear a headpiece or not, there is a hairstyle for every bride to be. We have come up with a few of the best wedding hairstyles of 2019, fit for any boho chick or glam queen.

Simply The Best Wedding Hairstyles 2019

As a leading hair salon in Milton Keynes, we know that your hair can have a big impact on your confidence. You deserve to feel radiant and beautiful on your big day, and your hair is a significant part of that. Luckily, 2019 has seen some stunning wedding hairstyles that beautifully shape your face with volume and texture. From updos to luscious curls, you can feel beautiful and look effortlessly flawless with these elegant hairstyles.

Soft And Sleek Waves

There are a variety of ways to style this simple yet stunning look from sleek Hollywood waves to textured and voluminous bohemian waves. The size of the waves can be altered to suit your hair length, making this the perfect style for short and long hair. Hair extensions can also be added to create length and add more texture. This wavy look is a classic revived style from the 1920s with a modern twist. For the more urban bride, this style gives the appearance of natural beachy wave with an essence of the 1970s hippie. 

The method for this look varies depending on the way you want your waves to sit. For a sleek look, put hair oils in your hand and run your fingers through your hair. Use an oil that suits your hair type and texture to ensure the best outcome; castor oil is a great natural oil used in India for conditioning hair and is perfect for achieving that sleek look. After putting oils in your hair, brush your hair thoroughly so that it looks shiny. Curl your hair in the same direction using a hair curler to ensure that each curl is the same size. You can experiment with different sized barrels to see how tight or lose you want your waves. Leave your curls to set in the morning and then thoroughly brush them out. Hairspray your wave so they stay in all day and you should have a stunning Hollywood wave.

To achieve a more bohemian look with your waves, the method changes slightly. Start by spraying a texturising product in the roots of your hair to add volume. Curl your hair in the same direction and let it cool down. Once your hair has cooled, add some salt spray to give it a beachy texture and run your fingers through the curls, separating them and creating a wave.

Both the soft and sleek wave is perfect for a minimalistic look for those that want to make their eccentric dress the focal point. To add to your wavey look, accessories either with a headpiece or jewellery. Part your hair to the side and hold one side back with a decorative, diamond or floral comb. To wear a flower or diamond crown, give yourself a centre parting. Although this hairstyle could cater to a veil, it looks best with small details added to it, for this reason, jewellery is the perfect way to accessories. Earrings or a necklace can add to your look without drawing attention away from your hair.

Wavy Bride Hair

Effortless Updos

Worn by the Duchess of Sussex, this messy yet beautiful hairstyle radiates boho-chic and elegance. This effortless hairstyle is perfect for any bride wishing to add a little curl while lifting their hair up to show the back of their stunning dress. Textured and loose with small pieces of hair framing the face, this style softens your overall look. This style is perfect for any bride looking for a stunning textured hairstyle or a soft, effortless boho look. For this style, medium length hair works best as long pieces around the front can drag the face down while short hair will fall out. 

To achieve this look, start with a texturising product before styling; spray the roots to create more volume. Then, curl your hair and brush through the curls with your fingers to create a messy curl. Place the hair into a ponytail and pull on the sides so that the hair is not tight to your head. Pull small pieces of hair out of the ponytail around the front of your face. Lastly, pin the rest of the hair by twisting it around the start of the ponytail and continue this until all the hair is up. Pull the bun gently to create an effortlessly lose and beautiful hairstyle.

Accessorising this hairstyle depends on the look you wish to achieve. Luckily, it can be changed to cater to your aesthetic, whether that is glam girl or boho chick. For a glam look, accessories with a tiara or a diamond comb placed just above the bun to hold in your veil. The bun will make your veil fall beautifully down your back as you walk down the aisle. For a boho, urban look, accessories with a flower crown or be subtle by placing small pieces of flowers and leaves in the bun. The loose curls from your beautiful bun will full around the flowers, creating a stunning textured look.

Messy Bride Hair

Textured With A Twist

Braiding and twisting hair has become increasingly popular with bridal hairstyling. Whether you braid all your hair or have small twists and braids within a different hairstyle, this look adds depth and elegance to your gown. Braiding your hair can elevate your modern and romantic or boho-chic look despite its simplicity. While 2019 sees the continuation of braids in bridal hairstyling, an updated version incorporating twists and detail is becoming increasingly popular. A subtle yet beautiful twist of the hair across the top of a bun or pulling your fringe back can transform your look.

For a boho braid, you first need to decide where you would like to place your braid. To create a half-up hairstyle, curl your hair and then braid the top half, gently pulling the braid for a loose, effortless mermaid look. You can also achieve this look by grabbing a small section of hair from the front of your face and twisting it, pull the twist so that it is loose and pin it back. To add layers and texture, make multiple braids and pin them back on the crown of your head.

To incorporate a twist or braid into your bun, you can either take small sections of hair and braid/twist them, then pin them back underneath your bun. For a twisted bun, pin up the top section of your hair and leave the lower half. Place the lower half into a ponytail and wrap the hair around the hairband. Then, twist the top half of your hair and position it above the bun, keep them in place by securing them with wavy pins. Hairspray your hair to ensure that your stunning hairstyle stays in all day.  

Compliment this stunning hairstyle with a hair vine running down a braid, this could be a flower vine or a diamond vine depending on your aesthetic. To add more detail into your hair braids use decorative hairpins twisted inside the braid or scatter hair flowers over the top or within the braid of a half updo.

Braids In Bride Hair

Romantic Ponytail

An elegant romantic ponytail can be messy and textured or sleek and flawless. 2019 has seen the slick back ponytail grow in popularity and is stunning when paired with the perfect accessory. This hairstyle is the perfect way to look effortlessly chic while also serving a functional purpose by having your hair off your face. No matter the shape of your wedding dress, this beautiful hairstyle compliments your stunning gown. 

To achieve the sleek back and glossy, low ponytail, you will first need to straighten your hair. Once you have straightened your hair tightly pull it all back using a brush and hold it together with a hairband. Using a boar bristle brush and hair gel, brush over your hair to ensure that it is neat and tidy and stays back all day. Finish off the look by wrapping a piece of your hair around the top of your ponytail to cover the hairband. For a messy boho essence, loosely curl your hair and add volume using a volume spray.

This hairstyle looks best when you let the ponytail take centre stage, however, if you do wish to add detail to your hairstyle, simple is best. If you wish to add a veil to your look, use a thin, simple veil that accentuates the ponytail down the gown. You could also add small pieces of sparkle by placing pins on the side or wrapped them around the hairband. For a boho look, you could wear a flower crown or add small hair flowers to the top of the ponytail.

Dramatic Tight Ponytail

Your Perfect Bridal Hair

Regardless of your aesthetic, a variety of hairstyles can be altered to suit your overall look. Whether you are looking for a messy, boho vibe or a chic Hollywood star, you can achieve the perfect hairstyle for your perfect day. Make sure that you experiment with different styles before committing to one look to ensure that it complements your face and gown. If you are struggling to decide on a hairstyle, talk to one of our professional hairdressers about women’s hairstyling in Milton Keynes.

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